Forsyth School_School Profile

Forsyth School provides an unforgettable experience for children age 2 through Grade 6. Located in the Wydown-Forsyth Historic District, Forsyth's one-of-a-kind campus is comprised of six historic homes; walkable resources include Forest Park and Washington University. The challenging and engaging curriculum promotes age-appropriate independence and prepares students to thrive in secondary school and beyond.

Mission Statement:
Forsyth School fosters a spirit of curiosity and joy, empowering children to pursue challenges with confidence.

At Forsyth, our talented and caring faculty encourage students to explore and question, enabling them to learn deeply. Each child's unique identity is known, celebrated, and nurtured by our supportive community. The results are profound: children take risks, pursue challenges, and find joy in learning. The "Forsyth experience" is enriched by the school's unique campus, location, and commitment to the natural environment.


Age 2 through Grade 6, coed


Lower School: Age 2 through Grade 2
Upper School: Grades 3–6



Students Self-Identify as BIPOC:


Zip Codes Represented:

40+ from Missouri and Illinois


6235 Wydown Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105
Wydown-Forsyth Historic District


Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS)


Independent Schools of St. Louis (ISSL)
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
Center for Spiritual & Ethical Education (CSEE)

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)
Enrollment Management Association (EMA)

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Current Publications:

2020 Strategic Plan
2019/20 Annual Report
2021/22 Forsyth Facts

School Hours:

Before Care: 7:00–8:00am
Morning Arrival: 8:00–8:15am
School Day: 8:15am–3:30pm (8:15am–3:00pm on Thursdays)
Afternoon Dismissal: 3:30–3:45pm (3:00–3:15pm on Thursdays)
After Care: 3:30–6:00pm (3:00–6:00pm on Thursdays)

Founding Year:


Size of Campus:

4.5 Acres

Notable Buildings:

Fillmore House: Built 1925, Acquired 1965, Renovated 2015
Gerdine House: Built 1926, Acquired 1995, Renovated 2003
New House: Built 1927, Acquired 1989; Renovated 2004/05
Last House: Built 1928, Acquired 1996, Renovated 2013
Next House: Built 1929, Acquired 2012, Renovated 2013
Dunbar House: Built 1930, Acquired 1977
Rand Center for Performing Arts & Athletics: Built 1997

Forsyth’s six historic homes are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Wydown-Forsyth Historic District by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Head of School:

Robert Butler, Jr.

School Mascot:

Freddy Falcon

School Colors:

Green & White

Honor Code:
As a member of the Forsyth community, I will always be honest, kind, respectful, responsible, fair, and practice good sportsmanship. I will do my part to make Forsyth a special place.


44 (33 classroom teachers, 11 specialist teachers, 3 classroom aides)

  • 77% have 10+ years of experience
  • 78% female, 22% male
  • 48% hold advanced degrees
  • 18% self-identify as BIPOC

Special classes in each of the following areas:

  • Movement & Music | Eyas, Pre-K, Junior-K 
  • Yoga | Eyas, Pre-K, Junior-K
  • Library | Eyas–Grade 6
  • Science | Eyas–Grade 6
  • Spanish | Pre-K–Grade 6
  • Physical Education | Junior-K–Grade 6
  • Art | Senior-K–Grade 6
  • Drama | Senior-K–Grade 6
  • Music | Senior-K–Grade 6
  • Sustainability | Grades 3–6
  • Latin | Grades 4–6
Student-Faculty Ratio:


Average Class Size:


Tuition (2021/22):

Grades 1–6: $22,635
Pre-K/Junior-K/Senior-K: $22,100
Eyas Program: $20,000
Part-time Pre-K: $15,100
Part-time Eyas: $14,000

Three tuition payment plans are available (single, quarterly, and monthly). The quarterly and monthly tuition payment plans require the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan. The Financial Aid Program is available for qualifying families and also requires the Tuition Refund Insurance Plan.

Students Receive Need-Based Financial Aid:


Campus Sustainability:

105 species of native plants on campus
105 solar panels on the roof of the Rand Center
Faculty-led Go Green Forsyth Committee

Extracurricular Activities:

Student Council, After-School Classes, League Sports
Forsyth Summer Discovery Camp Program (June–August)