Highlights By Grade


  1. Grade 6 Big Friends
  2. Gardening and bird watching
  3. Checking out books from the Library
  4. Science and Spanish classes
  5. Yoga & Movement
  6. Walking field trips to Forest Park
  7. Lunar New Year celebration
  8. Attending all-school assemblies
  9. Hatching chicks in the classroom
  10. Participating in May Day
Forsyth School_Pre-Kindergarten

Elizabeth McCrary Spencer, Kendel Brady, Jen Pelc, Ellie O’Brien


  1. Grade 5 Big Friends
  2. Young Naturalist Program walking field trips to Forest Park
  3. Cultural celebrations: Posada, Lunar New Year, and more!
  4. Ice skating and day camping field trips
  5. Science, Spanish, and P.E. every other day
  6. Learning African dance
  7. Monthly cooking projects in the Fillmore House kitchen
  8. Performing on stage at Grand Friends Day
  9. Running a mile on the track at Washington University
  10. Writing and performing during Drama Workshop
Forsyth School_Junior-Kindergarten

Regan Tadrus, Deidre Kelly, Barb Alexander, Jill Dorgan


  1. Grade 4 Big Friends
  2. Friendship Assembly performance
  3. 3 Piggy Opera performance for families
  4. Flying Squirrel on Challenge Day
  5. Music and Drama classes
  6. P.E. every day, plus Yoga & Movement
  7. Special Person of the Week
  8. Reading bags
  9. Field trips to the Saint Louis Art Museum, pumpkin patch, and ice skating rink
  10. Creating self-portraits in Art
Forsyth School_Senior-Kindergarten

Donna Militello, Sherée Sodipo, Kiera Cross, Mary McCormack

Grade 1

  1. Grade 3 Big Friends
  2. If I Lived in Spain Assembly performance
  3. Attempting the high ropes course
  4. Yearlong study of local and international communities
  5. Introduction to Chromebooks
  6. Field trips to The Magic House and Saint Louis Zoo
  7. Special guests including a tai chi instructor and flamenco dancers
  8. Creating 3D shapes in space in Art
  9. International food tasting
  10. Grade 1 Finale with poetry readings and country celebrations
Forsyth School_Grade 1

Becky Stierwalt, Rick Downs, Judy Taylor

Grade 2

  1. Writer's Workshop and Publishing Parties
  2. Heifer International Assembly performance
  3. Yearlong St. Louis study and photography project
  4. Field trips to historic St. Louis neighborhoods: Cherokee Street, Downtown, Forest Park, The Hill, Soulard, University City, and The Ville
  5. Arthropod study and Bioblitz survey in Science
  6. Morgan Engineering & Science Fund: Designing a Knee Brace biomedical engineering
  7. Weekly homework
  8. Creating a business model to sell St. Louis-themed products
  9. Independent access to the Leveled Library
  10. Creating pastel flowers in Art
Forsyth School_Grade 2

Anne Simmons, Aaron Fox, Julia Wilkins

Forsyth School_Lower School 1
Forsyth School_Lower School 2
Forsyth School_Lower School 3
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Forsyth School_Lower School 6
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