Highlights By Grade

Grade 3

  1. Grade 1 Little Friends
  2. Endangered Wolf Center Assembly performance
  3. Learning how to use a weekly planner
  4. Morgan Engineering & Science Fund: Designing a MagLev Transportation System transportation engineering
  5. Creating animal masks in Art
  6. Sail America and Wagons West Expos
  7. Studying the decades during Wonder Week
  8. Continent Celebration
  9. Independence Days on the fourth of every month
  10. Learning to play the recorder in Music
Forsyth School_Grade 3

Jen Ulsas, Ryan Howard, Meredith Harris, Regina Stone

Grade 4

  1. Senior-Kindergarten Little Friends
  2. Spelling and Geography Bees
  3. Ballroom dancing and archery units in P.E.
  4. Challenge Day at Shaw Nature Reserve
  5. Morgan Engineering & Science Fund: Evaluating a Landscape geotechnical engineering
  6. American Revolution play and Civil War museum
  7. Mapping the United States from memory
  8. Two-day overnight trip to Jefferson City
  9. Introduction to Latin
  10. Stream Team project in Forest Park
Forsyth School_Grade 4

Leah Hooper, Kristin Veldhuizen, Beckii Pittman, Bil Mermis

Grade 5

  1. Junior-Kindergarten Little Friends
  2. Ancient Greece museum and play
  3. Mapping Central and South Americas from memory
  4. Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artist-in-Residence Program
  5. Great Egg Drop
  6. Two-day overnight camping trip to Shaw Nature Reserve
  7. Morgan Engineering & Science Fund: Designing a Submersible oceanic engineering
  8. Field trips to Challenger Learning Center and Hidden Valley Ski Resort
  9. Designing Rube Goldberg machines in Science
  10. Creating watercolors of architectural details at Washington University in Art
Forsyth School_Grade 5

Nicki Kohrs, John McGinley, Dana Lenzen, Mike Pieroni

Grade 6

  1. Pre-Kindergarten Little Friends
  2. Mapping the world from memory
  3. Morgan Engineering & Science Fund: Designing Bridges civil engineering AND Designing Model Membranes biomedical engineering
  4. Walking the high beam
  5. GO GREEN projects in Science
  6. Drawing tools with charcoal in Art
  7. Two overnight camping trips in Missouri and Illinois
  8. Designing and printing 3D castles
  9. Learning to play the xylophone in Music
  10. Performing a Shakespeare play
  11. Graduating from Forsyth School!
Forsyth School_Grade 6

Susan Zareh, Joe Kaminski, Jamie Paradise, Anne Deken

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