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Visit Forsyth School

Join us at our Fall Open House in October or Winter Early Childhood Open House (Pre-K, Junior-K, and Senior-K) in January, and then come for a personal visit and school-day tour to find out everything Forsyth has to offer your family. Contact DeAnn Pomatto, Director of Admission, to schedule your visit.

Submit an Application

Apply for admission online. A complete application requires the $85 application fee AND a visit with Forsyth's Director of Admission. Please complete and return the Visiting & School Records Release, which is part of the online application for admission.


Apply for Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid online through FACTS Management Grant & Aid.

Complete Assessment

Applicants to Pre-Kindergarten are observed in their current preschool or daycare. Assessments for applicants to Junior-Kindergarten and Senior-Kindergarten take place on Saturdays in February at Forsyth. Children entering Grades 1–6 visit Forsyth for one full school day and take an admission test.

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