From the Director of Admission

Dear Friends of Forsyth,

Welcome! I hope that after taking time to explore our website, you have a better understanding of who we are as a community and the type of educational experience we can offer your child(ren). Searching for a school can be overwhelming—particularly in St. Louis, where there are so many options! Independent schools, however, have the opportunity to define themselves by their values. A culture of challenge (with support), creative teaching and learning, engaged students, and an environment where everyone feels cared for and connected—these are the core values central to the Forsyth community.  Parents find comfort in our commitment to these clearly stated beliefs. And while Forsyth families represent tremendous diversity, all families share these values set forth in the mission.

An elementary school community is one of the most important a family will choose. It’s where children spend nearly 40 hours each week, and where families enjoy countless activities and events throughout many years. The nine years that encompass a full Forsyth School education are likely the longest your child(ren) will spend at any one educational institution. I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions when choosing a school:

  • What is the best fit for my child?
  • Where is my child likely to thrive?
  • What are the mission and core values of the school? And does our family share those values?

To parents going through this process for the very first time, know that I am here to help you navigate all that is new and exciting! And to veteran parents, please know that I fully appreciate how the path can look and feel very different each go-around. I am here for you, too! Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a visit. I can't wait to begin this journey with you!

Best regards,
DeAnn Pomatto, Director of Admission

Forsyth School_DeAnn Pomatto