All donations become the property of the Forsyth School Auction, the proceeds of which go to the Forsyth School Financial Aid Program. Where applicable, a gift certificate, letter of entitlement, and/or brochure should be provided by the donor for presentation to the winning bidder. The donor establishes the value for charitable tax donation purposes; however, the value to be printed in the auction catalog is determined by Forsyth School. Forsyth School reserves the right to combine donated items to create unique auction packages. The donor grants Forsyth School the right to mention this donation in promotional literature regarding the Auction.

Donations to Forsyth School are tax-deductible as allowed by law; acknowledgement will be mailed to the address above for your records. Contact Beth Ackerman, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator, with any questions. Submit the form below by Friday, January 20.

Donate An Auction Item