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History of Annual Initiatives

Green Schools Quest

Each year, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)-Missouri Gateway Chapter challenges public and private schools in Missouri and Southern Illinois to devise and implement (with the help of Green Mentors) the most creative, effective, and no- or low-cost sustainable practices for their schools. Led by Grade 6, Forsyth School participated in the Green Schools Quest annually from 2013/14 until 2018/19 and again in 2020/21.

Benches for Caps

Forsyth forwent the Green Schools Quest in 2019/20 to participate in the Green Tree Plastics - ABC Promise Partnership Program. With the help of the entire Forsyth community (and friends!), the Class of 2020 collected a total of more than 800 pounds of plastic caps and lids to be recycled and exchanged for three benches and one toddler table that were installed on campus in April 2020.

Forsyth Arbor Walk

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter reimagined the 2020/21 Green School Quest as monthly sustainability challenges for participating schools throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois.

The Class of 2021 chose to focus on trees and their many benefits: carbon capture, habitat, food source, cooling effect, stress reduction, erosion prevention, water filtration, and art inspiration (to name a few!). First, the students learned about tree classification at Pershing Park in the Parkview Neighborhood in University City. Then, they compared these trees to those on the Forsyth School campus, aided by a student-created species treemap from 2013.

Inspired by the Arbor Walk at Washington University in St. Louis, Grade 6 created a Forsyth Arbor Walk and website for the entire Forsyth community to access, learn from, and enjoy. The students chose 17 trees on campus with “stories to tell” and developed a QR code for each species linked back to the site. Explore the Arbor Walk