Forsyth School_Artist-in-Residence Program

Endowment gifts are an investment in the future of Forsyth School. Endowment donations are invested; portions of these funds are used for immediate needs, and the remaining funds are reinvested for future needs.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions or to establish a new named endowment fund.


Named Endowments

Ann F. Babington Endowment for Financial Aid

Established in 2009 in honor of Forsyth’s retiring Director of Admission Ann F. Babington, this fund provides income for the Financial Aid Program. Together with funds raised from Annual Giving and the biennial Auction, the Ann F. Babington Endowment for Financial Aid makes meaningful financial aid awards possible for more than 25% of Forsyth students.

Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artist-In-Residence Program

Established in 2010 by Tamara, Bart, and Ian Aitken, FS ’08, to honor the life of Nicholas Aaron Aitken, FS ’04, this program provides an annual opportunity for Grade 5 students to collaborate with a visiting artist-in-residence each year.

Mark Sayers & B.J. Williams Endowment for Faculty Development

Established in 2011 by past parent Grant Williams in honor of Mark Sayers and B.J. Williams, this merit-based award underwrites further education and professional development opportunities to encourage and support faculty excellence.

Maureen A. Regan Endowment for Math Excellence

Established in 2012 in memory of Maureen A. Regan, mother of Liz Chib, FS ’17, this award provides professional growth opportunities in mathematics for faculty that serve to advance Forsyth’s Math curriculum.

Young Naturalist Fund

Established in 2015 in honor of Forsyth’s retiring Lower School Science Teacher Gary Schimmelpfenig, this award provides professional development opportunities in science for faculty in an effort to enrich Forsyth’s Science curriculum.

Morgan Engineering & Science Fund

Established in 2016 by Ranjana and Jeff Morgan, this fund supports engineering and science initiatives that foster student innovation at Forsyth, including professional growth opportunities for faculty in the areas of Engineering, Science, and Math.

Grade 2: Designing a Knee Brace Biomedical Engineering
Grade 3: Designing a MagLev Transportation System Transportation Engineering
Grade 4: Evaluating a Landscape Geotechnical Engineering
Grade 5: Designing a Submersible Oceanic Engineering
Grade 6: Designing Model Membranes Biomedical Engineering, Designing Bridges Civil Engineering

Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artists-in-Residence

2010: Catharine Magel
2011: Ron Fondaw
2012: Cindy Tower
2013: Gina Alvarez
2014: Cameron Fuller & Sarah Paulsen 
2015: Carrie Becker
2016: Tom Reed
2017: Norleen Nosri
2018: Kevin McCoy

Mark Sayers & B.J. Williams Faculty Development Endowment Recipients

2012: Anne Deken & Jamie Paradise (Grade 6)
2013: Lisa Santa Cruz
2014: Cora Lippi (Music)
2015: Jane Paradise (Drama)
2016: Amy Hudson & Donna Militello
2017: Ellen DeFilippo (Art)
2018: Beth Maglasang (Junior-K)

Maureen A. Regan Endowment for Math Excellence Recipients

2016: Kathy Becker (Grade 5)
2017: Susan Zareh (Grade 6)
2018: Mike Pieroni (Grade 5)

Forsyth School_Morgan Engineering & Science Fund