Forsyth School_Endowment Funds

Endowment gifts are an investment in the future of Forsyth School. Endowment donations are invested; portions of these funds are used for immediate needs, and the remaining funds are reinvested for future needs.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions or to establish a new named endowment fund.


Named Endowments

Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artists-in-Residence

2010: Catharine Magel
2011: Ron Fondaw
2012: Cindy Tower
2013: Gina Alvarez
2014: Cameron Fuller & Sarah Paulsen 
2015: Carrie Becker
2016: Tom Reed
2017: Norleen Nosri
2018: Kevin McCoy
2019: Margaret Keller
2021: Jeremy Rabus

Mark Sayers & B.J. Williams Faculty Development Endowment Recipients

2012: Anne Deken (Grade 6), Jamie Paradise (Grade 6)
2013: Lisa Santa Cruz
2014: Cora Lippi (Music)
2015: Jane Paradise (Drama)
2016: Amy Hudson & Donna Militello
2017: Ellen DeFilippo (Art)
2018: Beth Maglasang (Junior-K)
2019: Anne Simmons (Grade 2), Susan Zareh (Grade 6)

Maureen A. Regan Endowment for Math Excellence Recipients

2016: Kathy Becker (Grade 5)
2017: Susan Zareh (Grade 6)
2018: Mike Pieroni (Grade 5)
2019: Mathematics Committee