Forsyth School_Ways to Give

There are a variety of ways to give to Forsyth School! The careful planning of your donation might allow you to receive substantial tax savings or enable you to make a larger total gift than you thought possible. Please note, the information below is not intended as legal, professional, or tax advice. Please consult with your attorney, accountant, or tax advisor to determine the appropriate option(s) for your personal and financial situation.

Forsyth School is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our Federal Tax ID number, also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), is 43-0829718. Contributions to Forsyth School are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions or for more information about ways to give.

Giving Options

Credit Card

Cash or Check

Donation envelopes for cash or check are always available in the Forsyth School Office. 

Make sure your check is dated (and envelope is postmarked, if mailed) by December 31 to ensure that your donation is tax-deductible for that year, even if Forsyth does not receive it until early the next year.

Mail your check (payable to Forsyth School) to Forsyth at 6235 Wydown Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63105.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions about giving by cash or check.


A pledge is the promise of a gift to be paid in smaller increments over a period of time to result in a larger total gift. The pledge period depends on the type and amount of commitment. For example, the pledge period for an Annual Fund gift spans the school year, while a capital campaign contribution is typically paid over three or five years.


Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, to discuss a new or outstanding pledge and payment plan. The Development Office sends pledge reminders for all outstanding pledges according to agreed-upon payment plans.

Matching Gift

Many companies match their employees’ (and sometimes retired employees’) charitable contributions. You can increase or even double your contribution through a Matching Gift Program. Contact your Human Resources Department about Matching Gift paperwork and include the documentation with your donation. Donation recognition is calculated based on the total gift, including the match. (Please note, Matching Gifts do NOT increase your charitable deduction.)

Contact Seana Beard, Development Coordinator, to find out if your employer has a Matching Gift Program.

Appreciated Securities

A gift of appreciated securities provides greater tax savings than a gift of cash with two significant advantages:

  1. Avoid paying capital gains on the increased value of the stock
  2. Receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock when the gift is made

In order to do this, the stock generally must have been held long-term (for more than one year). Your gift must be transferred by December 31 to be tax-deductible for that year. Gifts of appreciated securities are fully deductible up to a maximum of 30% of your adjusted gross income. Anything more can usually be carried forward and deducted over a maximum of five subsequent years.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, for further instructions for gifting appreciated securities. Most stock transfers contain little to no information about the donor, so your advance notice allows Forsyth to process your gift promptly and provide the proper receipts for your tax records.

Securities Transfer Information

DTC #2170
Account #690280029
The Commerce Trust Company
911 Main Street, Suite 201
Kansas City, MO 64105-5304

Wire Transfer Information

ABA #101000019
Account #1991400781
The Commerce Trust Company
911 Main Street, Suite 201
Kansas City, MO 64105-5304

Life Insurance

The contribution of a life insurance policy can provide a significant gift in a manner that can be especially attractive to younger donors. Forsyth offers recognition for the amount of the annual premium. By designating Forsyth School as both the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the premiums are tax-deductible by the donor.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions or for more information about donating through life insurance.

Retained Income

An easily established trust can provide you with a charitable deduction now, plus income for you and/or Forsyth during your lifetime. This meaningful gift can be especially appealing by increasing the income you receive from low-yielding stocks.  The income can be distributed to you, your spouse, or other designee, after which the assets are distributed to Forsyth School.

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions or for more information about donating through retained income.

Planned Gift

A Planned Gift, or bequest, is a future gift made through a donor’s will that takes effect at or after their passing. With a Planned Gift, both gift and estate taxes are avoided, and the donor does not have to part with any property or assets until after death. Distributions can be made at a specific dollar amount or as a percentage of the estate. Planned Gifts are often more significant than those made during the donor’s lifetime. 

Contact Millicent Dohr, Director of Development, with any questions or for more information about making a Planned Gift. If you have already included Forsyth in your estate plans, please let us know so that we can recognize your forethought and generosity.

Forsyth School's Official Legal Bequest Language

I give to Forsyth School, a nonprofit educational institution located at 6235 Wydown Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63105, and incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri, the sum of $XXX OR the following described property OR a designated percentage of my estate, to be used for its general educational purposes.