15 Minutes

15 Minutes

It happens every year. The whole School (minus the 3-year-olds) convenes on Falcon Field. We welcome new students, faculty and staff. The sixth graders are recognized as the graduating class: one-by-one they introduce themselves and sign their class banner. After that, a little fun and School spirit. Dr. Burns wrote and read a school spirit poem that required some audience participation. School mascot Freddy Falcon popped out of the library and got the kids hopping and high fiving as he made the rounds. And if that didn’t do it, Coach Harris’ music rocked the School. Feel good fun. That’s Opening Assembly. In 15 minutes, we become a School community. Then, back to class. 

>> Pictures tell the story.

Interim Head of School Dr. Tim Burns greets Senior-K

Dr. Burns recognizes new students . . . please stand

Sixth graders introduce themselves and sign the Class of 2018 banner

School mascot Freddy Falcon makes the rounds high fiving with the kids

Excitement runs high with Freddy Falcon

The whole School rocks out to Coach Harris' music selections

Freddy and Dr. Burns close assembly

Meet the Forsyth Class of 2018.

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