Summer Discovery Top 20

Summer Discovery Top 20

With more than 500 total registrations, Forsyth Summer Discovery 2019 had its best year ever! We absolutely couldn't have done it without our dedicated Camp Directors, Barb Alexander and Adam Meesey; our counselors—including current and former Forsyth faculty; assistant counselors; counselors-in-training; and of course, our campers and camp families! This year was one for the books in more ways than one.

So without further ado (and in chronological order), we present our "top 20" photos from Summer Discovery 2019, including a wide range of ages and activities. We hope to see everyone again next summer!

1. [Week 1] Nothing says "old-fashioned sleep-away camp" like tie-dye!


2. [Week 1] Did you even go to elementary school if you didn't play with one of these color-blocked parachutes?!


3. [Week 2] Pre-primary camp water play is the highlight of the day!


4–7. [Week 3] Summer Discovery's supersized slip 'n slide is not to be missed!


8. [Week 6] Two words: Bike Camp!


9. [Week 6] One word: rockets!


10. [Week 6] Marshmallow catapult action shot! 


11. [Week 6] The aftermath of "water kickball" (bases = mini slip 'n slides, bases = inflatable kiddie pools). 


12. [Week 7] XTREME Bike Camp traversed the entire city!


13. [Week 7] You really can't beat the simple joy of a sandbox in the summer!


14. [Week 7] These campers loved every minute of their soccer drills.


15. [Week 7] Homemade SLIME! Need we say more?!


16. [Week 8] We couldn't resist one spectacular climbing photo!


17. [Week 8] Important work happens indoors during Summer Discovery, too!


18. [Week 8] Bird watching at the Kennedy Forest Savanna in Forest Park is serious business!


19. [Week 8] Kickball action shot!


20. [Week 8] Popsicles on the new Fillmore Playground!

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