The American Revolution: A Musical

The American Revolution: A Musical

“Tell us, Betsy, tell us . . .” is the opening refrain for the Grade 4 play “The American Revolution, A Musical.” Betsy is, of course, Betsy Ross.

For 6 weeks in social studies, Forsyth fourth graders study the American Revolution and all the events that lead up to it. Concurrently, you will find them in the drama studio rehearsing the songs and dances that make up their Grade 4 play “The American Revolution.”  Think Broadway meets the American Revolution. Great song and dance in a lively rendition that brings the cast of characters of the Revolution to the stage: Betsy Ross, King George, the Redcoats, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, and a huge chorus line of tricorne American Patriots.  This production is led by drama teacher Jane Paradise, and Forsyth piano teacher Jane Thomas is musical director.

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Grades 4-6 mount full-scale plays with stage sets, costumes, and lighting, and fourth grade performs the only musical. The Grade 5 play focuses on Greek mythology, and Grade 6 performs a Shakespeare play, a capstone experience.  At Forsyth, beginning in Senior-K, kids have class with drama teacher Jane Paradise, a professional actress. Grades Senior-K-3 host assemblies for the whole school with performances that relate to classroom studies.

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