Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

It was a stroke of luck, weather-wise, that Friday, May 12, was arguably the most beautiful spring day this year. A perfect day for Green & White Day, Forsyth’s field day. Coach Justin Harris is the mastermind behind field day, and every grade from Pre-K (the 3/4 year olds) through Grade 6 participates–nearly 400 kids, though not all at once. Faculty and staff and huge crew of parent volunteers support this all-School event.

Pictures tell the story of Green & White Day, so take a look at the slideshows as you read.


Morning Pep Rally

Although we call the day Green & White Day, Coach Harris configured teams across the grade levels by color. It’s a very colorful day, and there’s a lot of team pride attached to those colors. To kick off the day, there’s an all-School pep rally. Beginning with Coach Harris, Head of School Mr. Vachow, and School mascot Freddie Falcon, the cheering escalates to deafening as Mrs. Pelc and Mr. Hooper called out team colors. It’s a spectacular way to begin the day.

>> See Pep Rally slideshow.


AM: Pre-K, Junior-K & Senior-K Field Day

Forsyth’s youngest kids have field day in the morning with age-appropriate games and activities. Dunking Mr. Hooper, Lower Division Director, was big-time fun. There was a giant inflatable obstacle course that ended with a huge slide. On Falcon Field the kids aced the Ninja Warrior Course that was full of challenges: climbing, sliding under, running, jumping, you name it. Time out for popsicles and hula hoops at the snack station. In the gym, the Island Grab was all about gathering coconuts–aka tennis balls, taking them to your island, and “stealing” coconuts from others’ islands. Lots of action. Forsyth’s green team, Ms. Torlina and Mrs. Zareh, orchestrated some environmental activities related to water conservation, our Green Schools Quest project this year.

>> See Pre-K–Sr-K Field Day slideshow.


PM: Grades 1-6 Field Day

The older kids kick it up a notch. The teams are multi-age from Grade 1 through sixth graders, and everyone has fun together. The obstacle courses­, the ever popular dunking station, environmental activities were similar to the morning. Human Foosball in the Rand Center was a blast, as was the Ball Pong Surprise on Falcon Field that involved throwing buckets of water over a team member’s head. Three different relays on the Big Backyard completed the challenges: the pizza box relay, pool noodle relay and the Cheetos head relay. Pictures tell the story here.

>> See Grades 1-6 Field Day slideshow.


The Grand Finale

At 3:00p, the whole School convened on Falcon Field for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the tug-of-wars. This year, we had a surprise visit from Louie, the St. Louis Blues mascot, who was joined by Freddie Falcon. Kids love these big furry mascots, and around here, high fives and hugs go to anything in a polyester fur suit.

We have lots of tug-of-wars: Grade 5 classes, Grade 6 classes, and finally, faculty & staff. If that’s not enough, we had a pie throw and a trophy to the winning field day team, the Orange team.

The pie throw was for Señor Horgan, Upper School Spanish teacher, who won the Purple Cake Day vote, a Senior-K fundraiser benefitting Nepal’s First Steps Himalaya. A purple Cool Whip pie thrown by a sixth grader was Señor Horgan’s reward. Hip, Hip, Hooray marks the conclusion of many Forsyth all-School events, cheering for the volunteers who supported this great day. It was, to be sure, the best Green & White Day ever!

>> See Grand Finale slideshow.

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