Challenge Days

Challenge Days

Challenge Day is part of the Forsyth experience in Kindergarten – Grade 6. This year, we asked Forsyth fifth graders to tell you what Challenge Day is like. So, this is from the kids, in their own words.

“Challenge Day is just a day of having fun, challenging yourself, and getting to know your classmates in an entirely new way.”

“It helps you step out of your comfort zone.”
“It’s very hard and scary, but once you do it, it feels great.”
“It helps boost your confidence in yourself and in your teammates.”

“If you don’t think you can do something, challenge day is a really, really good day to learn how to work with a team.”

“The ropes course really challenges your ability to focus when only having a harness on. If you have a fear of heights, that can make you turn into a waterfall.”

“I was surprised that I could go around blindfolded and not run into anybody.” Some kids think blindfolds aren’t the scariest thing: “You don’t know how high you are, you don’t have the sensation when you look down.”

“I was surprised that I was not able to go all the way around. . . . It was okay but it wasn’t enough for me. I can do better.”

“I think it helps your class become more close. You have to trust each other.”
“You need to trust yourself and others sometimes to get things done.”

“Even if it’s a really small thing you do like just going up to the Falcon’s roost or going around the ropes course backwards, it feels really, really good once you do it.” 

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