Clue Progressive Party

Clue Progressive Party

Mystery solved...who kidnapped Interim Head of School Dr. Burns? It was Mrs. Peacock in Gerdine with the recorder! 

Forsyth parents enjoyed a beautiful spring evening on the Forsyth campus at the new and innovative Clue Party fundraiser. Diedre Gray and Robyn Feezel co-chaired the event (pictured below with Development Committee Chair and auctioneer Mike Gray), which grossed more than $65,000 towards campus improvements.

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The Clue committee wanted to host an event on campus that showcased our six beautiful turn-of-the-century homes. The idea of Forsyth Clue began with the game imagined by Audrey (Grade 5) and Max (Grade 3) and then came to life with the dedication and work of volunteers, as well as, Forsyth faculty "cast" members. Guests were welcomed with a signature cocktail "Clueless" and were handed their game folders. The game started with a raucous that happened on the Sport Court. It was made known to the guests that Interim Head of School Dr. Burns was knocked unconscious and chained to a radiator with no memory of what happened. The guests then needed to figure out where the crime happened, with what weapon and who did it. Audrey and Max created all of the weapons...which included the Grade 1 guinea pig, a recorder, scissors, crayons, walk talkies and dodge balls, of course!

Forsyth faculty "cast" members including Darel Shelton, Ellen DeFilippo, Sharon Anibal, Beth Maglasang, Judy Taylor and Regina Stone dressed up as Clue characters. They were stationed in each house and gave clues as guests went from house to house trying to solve the mystery. Grade 1 teacher Donna Militello, as "Inspector Clue-so," helped guide the game, as well as, character handlers. Drama teacher Jane Paradise helped master-mind that acting component and costuming.

After all of the answer sheets were submitted, guests moved into the creatively decorated Rand Center for dinner, a mini-auction, a video and paddle raise. The live auction featured 3 Items-a VIP trip to Washington, D.C., Cardinals Green Seats and a Steamboat Springs vacation package, which raised more than $10,000 combined. After the mini-live auction, Development Committee Chair and auctioneer Mike Gray and Board President Eric Gilbert spoke of the importance and uniqueness of our campus and how money donated towards campus improvements will benefit our current students and future generations of Forsythians. In a video, Jr-K teachers Barb Alexander and Beth Maglasang and Science teachers Sharon Anibal and Christine Torlina, spoke about the importance of play and role of the natural world in a student's Forsyth experience. A handful of students also added their priceless thoughts about campus improvements. The night ended with guests dancing to tunes by TKO Djs on the Sport Court.

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