Faculty & Staff Spotlight | Jen Ulsas, Grade 3

Faculty & Staff Spotlight | Jen Ulsas, Grade 3

In which Hogwart’s House would you be sorted?
I would hope to be sorted into Gryffindor because Gryffindors, by definition, are adventurous, courageous and always strive to do what is right.

What is your spirit animal?
Prior to coming to Forsyth, I would have said an eagle. However, after having worked closely with the Endangered Wolf Center over the last three years and learning about the attributes of wolves, I would now choose the wolf as my spirit animal. Their fierce protectiveness, loyalty, and commitment to their packs is incredible.  

What do you love about Forsyth?
Forsyth is the most amazing school I’ve ever experienced as a student, parent, or an educator. I’m thankful every day to be part of this creative, family-oriented community, and I’m so grateful that my sons have been able to experience the challenge curriculum Forsyth offers. 

There are so many things I love about Forsyth – the campus, the faculty and staff, the families. However, what I love the most about Forsyth are the kids! Our small class sizes allow us as teachers to know our kids inside and out. We know what makes them tick. We know their strengths and their challenges. We celebrate their individuality and help them shine! I am so blessed to spend my days with these inquisitive, fun-loving, charismatic kids and share my passion for reading and writing with them!

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