Falcon's Roost

Falcon's Roost

If you were at Admission Open House this year, you might have caught some of the high ropes course challenges in the Forsyth Adventure Center. 

Up high, Forsyth fifth graders traversed the ropes course. Directly below the Falcon’s Roost, the tree house platform that serves as the launch course for the ropes course, there was another challenge. Milk crates? Yes, fifth graders harnessed up and attached to belay ropes, stacked the milk crates as they stood on them. View slideshow.

There are two ways up to the Falcon’s Roost: climb the tube net or the rope ladder. It turns out there’s a third way: the block challenge. If you stack enough milk cartons, you can reach the Falcon’s Roost. This is a first for Forsyth climbers!

Some kids made it to the Falcon’s Roost from the milk cartons, some didn’t. Either way it’s fun. The auto-belay ropes allow you to fall safely, so when milk cartons topple, climbers can “fly” down. 

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