Forsyth Alum on Shark Tank

Forsyth Alum on Shark Tank


You’re 17 years old. You’ve invented a product. Your product sells direct from your website, on Amazon, and from 11 local retail outlets. You’ve been named one of the top 21 inventors in the United States by Upstart 100 magazine.

And you are applying to college.

Meet Ehan Kamat, Forsyth Class of 2012, now a senior at MICDS, inventor of the SOLEMENDER, an innovative device to treat foot pain.

Tune in to ABC’s Shark Tank on Sunday 10.15.17, 7:00p CST, to see Ehan swim with the sharks, including A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). Ehan and his dad Vinay Kamat pitched the SOLEMENDER to the sharks. Check out the ABC press on this episode.


Not many 17-year-olds have packed as much into their lives. We had some questions for Ehan about SOLEMENDER and his future.

Q. How did you get the idea? And then, how about manufacturing, packaging and marketing?

A. I came up with the SOLEMENDER because when I was about 12 years old my mom was suffering from a condition called plantar fasciitis. Of course, being a 12-year-old I hated seeing my mom in pain, so I decided there had to be a way to help her out. After learning about the combination of cold and massage therapy that was widely used to treat plantar fasciitis, I developed a small device that seamlessly combined those two aspects to efficiently and effectively treat plantar fasciitis as well as many other foot ailments. 

After pitching this product to a local company, we were able to begin the prototyping phase as well as designing the packaging. 

Q. I recall that you’ve gotten some local awards for innovations. Were those for SOLEMENDER or other things?

A. I have won and placed in local and national teen pitching competitions with the SOLEMENDER and some other product ideas. Additionally I’ve been fortunate enough to be named one of the top 21 inventors in the United States by Upstart 100 magazine with the SOLEMENDER. 

Q. How do you balance your business career with your school life? 

A. There are two main factors that have allowed me to effectively balance school and business life. The first is that my business is something that I treat as a passion and a something that I genuinely enjoy doing outside of school rather than thinking of it as a task that I must complete. Additionally I have streamlined a lot of my fulfillment and e-commerce processes to make my business operations more efficient. 

Q. You’re a high school senior now. What are your college plans? Most high school seniors haven’t already started a business!

A. I am currently applying to college and am excited to see what the future holds.

Second that. Amazing things to come from this Forsyth alumnus.

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