Forsyth's Got Halloween

Forsyth's Got Halloween

Anyone who knows Forsyth knows that Halloween is kind of a big deal! This year, the morning rain subsided just in time for the Fillmore Costume Parade. Pre-Kindergarten and Junior-Kindergarten children, along with their teachers and parents, showed off their costumes to the rest of the school during a parade around the main playground. The "big kids" encouraged Forsyth's youngest students with plenty of claps, cheers, fist bumps, and high fives!

Immediately after, everyone gathered in the Rand Center for the highly anticipated faculty and staff talent show: Forsyth's Got Talent! Don't let anyone tell you this tradition is strictly "for the kids"—our faculty and staff members have just as much (if not more!) fun than the students!

This year's show, expertly emceed by Mr. Thomas (Music), featured the musical stylings of the Grade 6 teachers—complete with a cameo by Freddy Falcon; "Minute to Win it" competitions starring the specialist teachers (plus a few student volunteers!); a sweet "Roly Poly and the Lightning Bug" singalong tribute; a dance class with the Grade 3 teachers, penguin-style; and Forsyth's favorite lip syncing "boy band." Finally, no Forsyth's Got Talent would be complete without an all-school dance party!

Favorite faculty and staff costumes included Mr. Thomas as a "De-Composer" (à la, a deceased Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) and the Grade 2 teachers as the Forsyth Snack Policy! Mr. Hildebrand, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Shelton, and Mrs. Pomatto together as a roller coaster—complete with a choreographed routine!

After lunch, faculty, staff, parents, and kids gathered on Falcon Field for the grand finale: the Halloween Costume Parade for Senior-Kindergarten and Grades 1–6. Inflatable dinosaurs! Harry Potters! Unicorns! Superheroes! Food! You name it—we had it! As soon as the all-school activities concluded, the students headed back inside for their classroom parties. Another successful Forsyth Halloween celebration "in the books," so to speak!


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