Off to a Great Start

Off to a Great Start

NEW FAMILIES ICE CREAM SOCIAL >> For all families with new-to-Forsyth children, the 2017/18 school year began on a sunny Sunday with a treasure hunt, tattoos, face painting, t-shirt art, bookmark making, goody bag decorating, and a visit from Sia’s Italian Ice truck. Kids played on the playground, student volunteers hosted activities, and everyone cooled off with Italian ice.



Nothing beats the first day of school. Perfect weather. High spirits. Smiles. We’re off to a great start! On Wednesday, AUG 23, the 2017/18 school year began.  First day of school photos were the order of the day. See more photos.

Interim Head of School Dr. Tim Burns welcomed Forsyth families on the first day of school.

These boys peered into Mrs. Pittman's fourth grade classroom before the school day began.

On the sport court before school. Who had more fun?

Thank heavens for cell phones. Magic moment on record.

New to Forsyth, new to school. A big day.

We welcomed new teachers, as well: Mike Pieroni, Grade 5; Aaron Fox, Grade 2; Ellie Rallo & Kendel Brady, Pre-K; and Anne Simmons, Grade 2.

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