House Challenge

House Challenge

The challenge: build a house that has 4 sides, a roof, and an opening (to access the interior). Your house has to be strong enough to withstand wind gusts and watertight to withstand rainstorms.

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Forsyth science teacher Sharon Anibal supplied these Summer Discovery engineers with detailed specs and mountains of recycled materials to build with. Campers worked in teams and collaboration was important to success. 

Blast from the past! Floppy discs were part of the recycled materials along with plastic containers of all types, cardboard, and more.

It was incredibly fun and each house was unique – not necessarily beautiful, but unique.

Campers used a ton of Duck Tape, especially useful to ensure their houses were watertight.

Next step was bringing your house over to test it in a strong wind. (How about that film spool roof?)

Mrs. Anibal's hair dryer generated the strong wind. The houses fared well.

Next: the water test. Can your house withstand a 15-second rainstorm?

After the rain shower, the interior of each house was checked. Most of the houses passed the waterproof test. 

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