Junior-K Daily "Dinos" Report

Junior-K Daily "Dinos" Report

November 12, 2019

Dear Dino Families,

Today was chilly, but we didn't let it keep us from exploring the snow and having a great day! 

During Morning Meeting, our "weather reporter" turned the dial on our weather station to a picture of clear, sunny skies. We talked about how weird it is to have clear skies with snow on the ground at the very same time! We also guessed the temperature and learned that it was 14 degrees (but felt like -2 degrees!). 

Today we practiced identifying, building, and writing the letter "H". During small group time, we used our Handwriting Without Tears wooden pieces to build an "H" on our blue mats. We all took turns being the teacher, which was a lot of fun! We then wrote the letter "H" on little chalkboards and erased them with teeny-tiny sponges. It was cool to see the chalkboard turn really dark black when the water from the sponge made it wet. We also realized that some of our body parts begin with the letter "H": hands, heart, head, hair, and heels. 

We explored "centers" quite a bit today because it was too cold to go outside early this morning. We loved pushing thumbtacks into corkboard circles, following the lines of each number. We also had fun using pipettes to drip liquid watercolors onto the snow at our sensory table. Did you know that if you mix yellow and red, you get orange?

Over in Engineering, we built jets and chompers at the light table. And in Dramatic Play, we watched a ballet performance called "The Ninja Fire Dance". We even had to use "tickets" to get into the "theater"! 

During Closing Circle, we played animal charades. Watching our friends act like animals made us laugh a lot! What made you laugh today?

Love, Your Junior-K Dinos

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