Larger than Life

Larger than Life

Painting Orion's beard 

Take a look at this. Mr. Schimmelpfenig, retired Forsyth teacher, environmentalist, and puppeteer, is working with Forsyth fifth graders to create 4 huge puppet characters for Constellation Myths, the Grade 5 play. The kids helped create them – carving and painting, and then they will work together to bring them to life in the play. These are large rod puppets that will take 3 people to operate.

>> Pictures tell the story.

Mr. Schim explains what needs to be done; the puppet heads L to R: Medusa, Ursa Major and Helios 

Of course all Greek myths feature larger than life characters. The four under construction in the drama room are Orion the hunter, Ursa Major the big bear, Medusa with her snakes, and Helios' horse. The kids are working on the heads and hands. Mr. Schim will construct the bodies–the rods and fabric. You’ll notice Medusa has 4 wooden dowels springing from her head. Those dowels will be replaced with snakes, now under construction.

Painting Ursa Major's eyes

The kids are working on the play and come to drama in groups of 12. So, each group of twelve rotated between sessions with drama teacher Mrs. Paradise and puppet-making with Mr. Schim. The scale of the puppet heads and hands in proportion to the fifth graders is visually surreal.

Medusa's hands get their nails painted

Medusa get pink cheeks

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