Meet Norleen Nosri, Artist-in-Residence

Meet Norleen Nosri, Artist-in-Residence

Established in 2010, Forsyth’s Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artist-in-Residence Program provides a unique visual arts opportunity – one seldom found in elementary school – for Forsyth fifth grade art students to work with a visiting artist for a concentrated period of collaboration. Each artist-in-residence brings a new project with exposure to new media, processes, and perspectives. Over the past seven years, Forsyth fifth graders have created mosaic panels, made animated films, collaborated on mixed media, large-scale panels, and more.

This year’s Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artist-in-Residence is Norleen Nosri, who is originally from Malaysia. Art teacher Ellen DeFilippo explained the project that fifth graders will work on: “Norleen Nosri is a ceramic artist, and the project will be a tea ceremony with vessels (tea bowls) and teapots made by the students. The tea bowls will be personalized with messages engraved on them, and the students will work together on making a teapot for their group.”

To kick off the project, Ms. Nosri introduced herself and her project to the fifth graders with a slide show and several pieces of her work on display. She talked about Malaysia, her family, tea ceremonies, her work. Ms. Nosri is a natural with kids–insightful, funny, kind, enthusiastic . . . all the right traits. This year’s project is a cross-cultural art experience.

Every year, Forsyth fifth graders have an extraordinary opportunity to work with a professional artist on a unique project thanks to the Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artist-in-Residence program. This year is no exception. We’re thrilled to welcome Norleen Nosri to Forsyth School as this year’s artist-in-residence.

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