Memory Mapping

Memory Mapping

This is fun! Thanks to the magic of time lapse video, here is the Forsyth Class of 2016 – sixth graders – mapping the world from memory. Their social studies teacher Mr. Kaminski produced this little film. Take a look. It’s only a minute and a half long.

>> Forsyth Class of 2016 Memory Map Time Lapse Video

Sixth grade memory mapping is an ungraded project. So, the maps are all about personal best. Every year they are amazing. What leads up to the mapping is not ungraded. Different geographic regions of the world are studied throughout the year with unit-based assessments. So, by May, the sixth graders have an excellent grasp of world geography and culture.

Forsyth Rites-of-Passage
In May, Forsyth sixth graders perform a Shakespeare play–A Midsummer Night’s Dream this year, map the world from memory, take a 3-day camping trip, all before graduation. In April, they walked the high beam in the Forsyth Adventure Center. These are all sixth grade capstone experiences before graduating from Forsyth. Unforgettable. 


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