Old School & New School

Old School & New School

Designing in 3D on a computer is quite a challenge. Campers designed 3-dimensional objects that were then rendered in plastic on a 3D printer. Math skills, technology and design are all at play here.

One camper's design is in the process of rendering as the team watches.

At left, is the final output. As you can see, campers were delighted to see the finished product. It takes a while for each object to build in the printer.

In the art studio next door, a team of campers worked with artist Carrie Becker to create dioramas of rooms. It all began with large piles of materials–scraps of fabrics, craft sticks, cardboard, beads, buttons and other found objects. Campers built many of the pieces in their small rooms. It was an exercise in planning, creating, making objects, building, painting and more. Ms. Becker was Forsyth's 2015 Nicholas Aaron Aitken Artist-in-Residence and dioramas are her niche as an artist. 

Not surprisingly, each of these small rooms reflected the artist's interests down to the last detail. They were very thoughtfully executed and quite beautiful.

For an inspirational break, Ms. Becker took her campers across the street to the Kemper Museum at Washington University to look at art.

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