Personal Best

Personal Best

The mile run at Washington University’s Francis Field is flat out amazing. It’s a P.E. challenge day.

By May, Forsyth kids have run a lot and are prepared for the mile challenge – even the Junior-K kids run the mile. This year, two sixth grade boys set new School records for the mile run, clocking 5:59 and 6:00 min. Personal bests for these boys and Forsyth School records, to date.

>> Pictures tell the story.

A lot of preparation leads up to this moment. Every P.E. class has three phases: warm-up, workout, and organized games. The mile run requires cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, and speed – just some of the skills that underlie the fitness program in physical education at Forsyth. At Forsyth, P.E. begins in Junior-K (4-5 year olds), and from kindergarten through Grade 6, kids have P.E. every day. Athletic Director Justin Harris and Coach Shelley Stone are both CrossFit certified trainers.

The campus is part of the fitness equation at Forsyth. Kids are outside a lot. With seven buildings, kids cross campus often to get to classes. It’s not the inside center hall, so the natural inclination is to run. That’s Forsyth. Recess, P.E., extended day play, and a robust sports program all add up to an active and healthy lifestyle that bucks the trend of sedentary kids.


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