Pre-Primary Parade

Pre-Primary Parade

Summer Discovery's youngest campers prepared for Independence Day with all things red, white and blue. They painted T-shirts, made paper plate tambourines, and decorated their floats–that would be the brigade of Fillmore wagons and tricycles. Before the parade, their counselors painted faces and arms. The kids made necklaces and bracelets out of red, white, and blue beads.

On Friday, June 30, all the other camps lined up around the playground to wait for "the tiny parade," as one camper dubbed it, to begin. Tiny because it's the tiniest kids at camp and it lasts only as long as twice around the playground.

Out came the floats. Some campers walked and beat their tambourines. They were all star-spangled with their fourth of July sunglasses.

When the parade was over, you could hear the fireworks. In this case, there was no smoke and no fire. The pre-primary campers hopped off their floats and jumped on bubble wrap–always fun! From across the playground, it sounded just like fireworks. Pop! Pop! Pop!

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