Raising Fit Kids

Raising Fit Kids

We’re big on fitness here at Forsyth, but how can parents build fitness into the equation at home? Forsyth physical education teachers Justin Harris and Shelley Stone, who are both CrossFit-certified trainers, offer 3 simple tips for parents – advice they share with the kids on a regular basis.

Coach Stone demonstrates pogo jumps to second graders

1. Stay active. P.E. class is a good start, but fit kids are active kids. Think no digital devices till dark. Life is busy for parents of kids in elementary school, but sometimes you can carve out stolen fitness moments. Here’s a good example: Coach Harris takes both his girls to soccer practice with bikes in the car, and while one child practices soccer, he rides bikes with his other daughter. Kids who play outside move more. Nice day? Send the kids outside. 

Coach Harris demonstrates a new lunge and challenges a second grader to test his strength

2. Eat well. “Eat the colors of the rainbow all you want,” advise Forsyth’s P.E. teachers. Eat a handful of protein, seeds and nuts. Limit sugar. Some foods are for special occasions only, like desserts, ice cream runs, birthday cakes. At Forsyth, the coaches educate the kids about food and the importance of good eating habits.

Doing the plank in P.E. class

3. Be an example to your kids. If parents are active, kids learn to be active. Whatever you like to do – walking, running, swimming, playing sports, whatever – include your kids in an age-appropriate way. Habits formed in childhood have staying power.

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