Science in the Rockies

Science in the Rockies

As the recipient of Forsyth's 2018 Young Naturalist Award, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the "Science in the Rockies Steve Spangler STEM Experience" in Denver, Colorado, this past summer. 

This was NOT your typical "sit and watch" teacher training—this was a "get-up-and-do" learning experience that featured more than 75 inquiry-based, standards-related, and kid-tested science experiments that I could take home and share with my Forsyth colleagues and students.

After studying Bernoulli's Principle, teachers participated in a "Bernoulli's Tube Engineering Challenge" that involved working with a team to create the tallest freestanding structure.

During the conference, teachers were invited to demonstrate the classic Mentos and Diet Coke geyser experiment during a live broadcast for a local news station in Denver.

From creating square bubbles, to swinging an open glass of water over my head, to building a dry ice smoke ring launcher—this workshop taught me how to develop new science activities that promote exploration and strengthen critical thinking skills. I even got the chance to cross an item off of my own personal bucket list: I walked barefoot across a bed of glass! 

Oh, and did I forget to mention the best part? At the end of this unbelievable three-day training, I received more than $400 worth of teaching materials and supplies to use with my students. It's going to be a great year!

Written by Sharon Anibal, Science
2018 Young Naturalist Awardee

Photos courtesy Sharon Anibal and Steve Spangler.


Forsyth School's Young Naturalist Fund was established in 2015 in honor of retiring Lower School science teacher Mr. Gary Schimmelpfenig. Awarded annually to a Forsyth School faculty member, the fund provides additional programmatic resources to further enrich Forsyth's science program. Mr. Schimmelpfenig's ability to help Forsyth's youngest students develop a love and understanding of the natural world is both remarkable and inspiring.

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