Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs

At the beginning of the year, Grade 2 students decided to adopt Heifer International, an international aid organization which Forsyth students have supported for over 30 years. The mission of Heifer is to work with communities around the world to end hunger and poverty by providing families with livestock like cows and goats, along with training. As in years past, our students wanted to raise funds to provide an animal to a family. They wanted to make something to sell to friends and family, but quickly realized their business plan needed money to make money. The solution: they took out a loan from the Forsyth School business office.


Teachers wanted to involve students in a realistic business model that would be similar to those created by the people who benefit from Heifer. First, the children brainstormed ideas for new products they could make at school and that customers would be interested in buying. They decided on magnets and greeting cards featuring artwork from their Social Studies exploration of St. Louis. Grade 2 North took on the responsibility of the greeting cards, and Grade 2 South took on the magnets. The magnets were created from drawings of important buildings in downtown, while the greetings cards were made from watercolor paintings that incorporated the skyline of our city. In order to apply for a loan from the Forsyth Business Office, each class had to determine the supplies needed and the cost. They researched to see what was the most cost-effective and realistic choice and presented their plan to apply for a loan.



The day of the new Grade 2 play, the children sold their products. The loan will be repaid from the sale, and the profits will be donated to Heifer International.


Drama teacher Jane Paradise wrote a new play Give as You Live for Grade 2 students to perform in conjunction with Heifer International.

The play was designed to allow the second graders to teach our school community about the Heifer Project. The play was inspired by books published by Heifer and focused on the creation of Heifer International, the projects taken on by students to raise funds, and the benefits of the aid provided to children and families in various countries throughout the world. They showed our school community that you can create a better world by simply providing a goat or a cow to a family in need.

As is the Heifer way, thank you, Grade 2, for passing on the gift.  

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