Superheroes & Super Structures

Superheroes & Super Structures

Over in the art studio in Architecture camp, kids explored architecture in 2D and 3D.

Among other projects, campers built super structures out of cardboard boxes that they painted and embellished with windows.

Meanwhile next door in the Fillmore Early Childhood Center, Pre-K and Junior-K Superheroes were imbued with super powers, super stories & songs, and superhero costumes. As the grand finale of their camp, they headed outside to rescue the super structures from a web of string.

Well, the architecture campers set their high rises on a deck outside and proceeded to pull out cans of aerosol string. We should mention that this was one of the hottest days on record. The goal was to encase the structures in string so that the superheroes could set them free. As a working hypothesis, aerosol string works better in temps lower than 100 degrees. Campers got more of a fizzle of brightly colored limp plastic than a web.

No worries! Superheroes converged on the deck, picked up some of the wilted string, and then both camps marched around the playground in a parade. Another parade? Yep. It’s summer and the kids love them. Superheroes led the parade with the architect campers at the end. It was a delightfully incongruent parade with such disparate elements, but everyone had fun.

It was hot! After a couple of minutes, all done. Back into the AC for other activities.

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