Uniquely Forsyth

Uniquely Forsyth

Forsythians, One and All . . .

I was SO impressed with the ability to enjoy life with Halloween festivities at Forsyth!

>> Pre-K and Junior-K parade slideshow
>> Forsyth’s Got Talent (FGT) slideshow
>> Senior-K–Grade 6 Parade slideshow 

Seeing the children’s faces coming through the gate yesterday–pure anticipation . . . and when I would ask, “Do you have a costume?”, eyes would widen and nods would indicate a big secret would be revealed before the day was over.

Junior-K kids performed with their teachers in Forsyth's Got Talent–a first! 

The FGT [Forsyth’s Got Talent] extravaganza was further confirmation that the cheerful heart of a child is deeply embedded in members of our faculty and staff–swimmers, bobble heads, bath-takers, Pom-Pom girls, lip-synchers, the Splish-Splashers, synchronized swimmers deep in the “blue,” the extraordinary Yippi-I-O shadow puppets, and the amazing sounds of our own Chris Thomas and his crew of “blenders,” the a cappella group One Too Many–all of it rolled into one enormous message to the world that Forsyth can party hearty. Watching the conga lines after the show was more evidence of “kids just like to have fun.”


The little children were so excited to have the School gather for their parade in the morning, and in the afternoon, I loved seeing the Big Friends be a part of the afternoon parade with their buddies.  

I’ve “been around,” and I’ve never seen anything like this as a Halloween celebration. 

The commitment of the faculty to be everything from scary people to a kind queen, a Water Witch, an “inflated” Superhero or an Eyelashed Lady o’ Purple, a bevy of beavers, cans o’ La Croix, or a man whose head was “sliced” with pizza with a box flap that teased some humor.  And there are probably others I’m forgetting to mention.

Point is, this is one of the most interesting traditions I have ever seen a faculty put together for the students to celebrate Halloween or any other holiday, for that matter.  I extend my compliments to Rick Downs, to Chris-the-MC, to Michael Mitchell and his facilities crew that prepared the “venue,” and to ALL the participants who made this day special for Forsyth students . . . and each other.

Great sense of community, of camaraderie, and of mission and purpose.

Thanks for letting me have this wonderful glimpse into another aspect of what makes Forsyth famous!

– Dr. Tim Burns, Interim Head of School

Dr. Timothy M. Burns is the Interim Head of Forsyth School this year. Dr. Burns has headed distinguished independent schools across the country, most recently the Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware. Dr. Burns has a B.A. from John Carroll University; he holds an M.A. from Georgetown University; and he earned his Ph.D. in Early & Middle Childhood and Educational Administration at Ohio State University. You should also know that Dr. Burns did the Goldilocks fairytale rap in this year’s Forsyth’s Got Talent show. Bravo!


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