Windows on Forsyth

Windows on Forsyth

Dan Hildebrand, Forsyth's New Head of School, has a new office in New House. Current and recent Forsyth families probably remember that the Head's office was previously located behind the School Office on the main level of Dunbar House. Longer-time Forsyth families might remember back to when the Head's Office was located in New House—fondly and aptly nicknamed "Windows on Forsyth." What's old is New (House) and back again!

In Mr. Hildebrand's own words:

"When I decided to move my office into 'Windows on Forsyth,' I did not know about the noises the plastic playground blocks make! But sitting in my office, I feel a part of the school. I watch the comings and goings and a range of other interactions outside—kids working through disagreements, kids looking in on my meetings, kids using the outside wall of my office to climb the trees. I have conversations with kids nearly every time I open my door. It's wonderful!"

Indeed, "Windows on Forsyth" offers a fantastic view of the playgrounds and quick, easy access to the entire campus. There's no better seat in the house.

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