Forsyth’s challenging and engaging curriculum promotes independence with support from our talented teachers, committed administration, and caring families. Students learn how to accept and face challenges, set goals for themselves, reflect on their experiences, support their peers, and celebrate the accomplishments of themselves and others.

Developmentally appropriate challenges encourage students to try new things. Grade-level progressions for activities like camping, memory mapping, and public speaking support skill-building as individuals and in groups. In the Adventure Center, the high ropes course and climbing wall challenge kids to stretch beyond their comfort zones and set lofty goals for themselves—literally and figuratively! Walking the high beam is a graduation capstone experience reserved for Grade 6 students.

Specialist subject areas are an exciting part of everyday life at Forsyth:

  • Library: Eyas–Grade 6
  • Music: Eyas–Grade 6
  • Science: Eyas–Grade 6
  • Spanish: Eyas–Grade 6
  • Physical Education: Junior-K–Grade 6
  • Art: Senior-K–Grade 6
  • Drama: Senior-K–Grade 6
  • Innovation & Design: Senior-K–Grade 6
  • Sustainability: Grades 3–6
  • Electives: Grades 5–6
  • Leadership Seminar: Grade 6
  • Skills for Success: Grade 6

Portrait of a Graduate

Forsyth School graduates are:

  • Curious—they ask questions and take initiative
  • Confident—they set goals and high expectations for themselves
  • Willing to take risks, try new things, and try again
  • Resilient—they can overcome obstacles and cope with setbacks
  • Joyful—they delight in learning, encourage others, and celebrate accomplishments