Eyas [ ahy-uh s ] noun: a soft, downy, unfledged, nestling falcon

Forsyth’s Eyas Program for ages 2–3 is designed to spark curiosity and cultivate a love for learning and school. Eyas is housed in a dedicated program space located in the heart of Forsyth’s campus, with easy access to the Fillmore Playground and Butterfly Garden. Nicknamed the “Falcon’s Nest,” the stand-alone building was fully renovated before the program’s launch in 2020. Children in Eyas experience math, language, literacy, art, music, and science concepts through “purposeful play” under creative and compassionate educators. Eyas prepares children (age 2 by July 1) for academic and social-emotional growth in the pre-primary grades and beyond.

Adjacent to the Falcon’s Nest is Fillmore House, home to Pre-Kindergarten (age 3 by August 1) and Junior-Kindergarten (age 4 by August 1), led by an exceptional group of teachers dedicated to early childhood education. Specialist subjects include Library, Music, Physical Education (beginning in Junior-Kindergarten), Science, and Spanish. The Falcon’s Nest and Fillmore House are set apart from the rest of campus with their own playgrounds and gardens—but Forsyth’s youngest students learn very early on that they are part of the larger school community. Pre-Kindergarten and Junior-Kindergarten regularly walk across campus to visit the Library and Rand Center Gymnasium, spend time with their “Big Friends” in Grades 5 and 6, and attend some assemblies, plays, and academic events. Children in Eyas take weekly “field trips” to on-campus destinations, including the library, Big Backyard, and Falcon Falls.

Eyas follows Forsyth’s school year calendar; children are eligible for Forsyth Summer Discovery beginning at age 3.

Forsyth School follows the State of Missouri’s age cut-off (August 1) as a general guideline; however, applicant placement depends upon developmental readiness.

Early Childhood School Hours:

  • Part-time Eyas: Daily, 8:15am–12:00pm
  • Part-time Pre-K: Daily, 8:15am–1:00pm
  • Full-time Eyas/Pre-K/Jr-K: Daily, 8:15am–3:30pm (3:00pm on Thursdays)